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Kaya toast with iced coffee

My Journey

After almost a decade of working in the hectic world of finance/law, my body started to break down on me. I started to suffer chronic pain in my body, failed to eat healthy and always unhappy every day I come home from work.

My body was telling me that I need to take action to change my life. I could not see myself continue to work 60-80 hours a week until I retire in 65. There’s gotta be some other ways, where I can find the freedom to pursue things that I enjoy in life, such as comedy, writing and helping people, without the financial concerns.

That’s when I started learning about the FIRE (Financial Independent and Retire Early) movement. I read tons of blogs and books, and listen to various podcasts. I get to see people at different stages of their FI journey. They have been furiously saving, investing, and taking steps to improve their lives ,1% better every day, and some many have successfully achieved FI!

I decided to create this Kaya Road to document my journey in pursuing FI – aiming to achieve the milestone in the next 7 years, with the help of

  • Decreased spending
  • Aggressive saving
  • Low cost index fund investing
  • Other passive income stream

I use this blog to share about my thoughts and journey on pursuing personal finance. Time to time I will discuss my journey in learning comedy writing and anything in between. Feel free to follow along!

So, what in the world is Kaya?

Kaya jam is coconut jam made from coconut milk, eggs, and sugar. It’s creamy, sweet, and often time served in warm butter toasts and soft boiled eggs. It’s a very simple yet popular food among the kids in Malaysia, where I am from. It is similar to PBJ here in the US. Such a simple and humble food had never failed to made me happy as I was growing up.

As I pursue the road to financial independence, I want to constantly remind myself that can be happy with such simple things as kaya. I have the ability to focus on things that I need and not inflate my lifestyle based on what media / other telling me…I can pursue FI on my own Kaya Road, and I hope you can too!


I’m a lawyer, I work in the financial industry, but ironically I don’t practice in any area of law related to personal finance. I’m not a CPA or a financial planner. Don’t take anything here as legal or financial advice.

I am just here to share my stories, hopefully can help others in finding their own Kaya Road to achieve a fulfilling, happy, and independent life!

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